Tagesthemen 16.05.2022

Photovoltaics and wildlife conservation in the Donaumoos

Solar parks as element of the energy transformation and environmental protection both have the goal of preserving our natural environment. Nevertheless, the respective requirements must be coordinated. Germany’s ARD Tagesthemen dealt with this issue using the example of the largest solar park in Bavaria, which was built by project developer Anumar and MKG GÖBEL in the bavarian region of Donaumoos.

Martin Kopf, Chairman of the Hot-Dip Galvanizing Industry Association, handing over the 2022 Innovation and Sustainability Award to Achim Essl, MKG GÖBEL

Feuerverzinken Innovation and Sustainability Award goes to MKG GÖBEL

MKG GÖBEL’s GMS® DOUBLE Agri PV mounting system is receiving unbroken attention: After the pilot project in Büren was awarded the “German Solar Prize” a year ago, the mounting system itself is now receiving the “Hot-dip Galvanizing Innovation and Sustainability Award 2022”.

Solar park Beidweiler, Luxembourg

RTL solar park Beidweiler, Luxembourg

RTL Group’s Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE), located north-east of the city of Luxembourg, covers large areas of meadowland near the villages of Beidweiler and Junglinster. The land around the transmission masts cannot be used for industrial purposes – but why not for generating electricity?

German Solar Prize 2021 for Agri-PV plant Büren

Award for Agri PV project by MKG Göbel

The term “Agri-PV” stands for the combination of photovoltaics with agricultural land use – a field with great potential. The GMS® DOUBLE system that MKG Göbel built for a berry farm was recently awarded with the 2021 Deutscher Solarpreis (German Solar Prize).

Groundbreaking in the Hardthausen forest

Work starts in the Hardthausen forest

Heilbronn-based ZEAG has been operating Baden-Württemberg’s largest and most powerful wind farm in the Hardthausen forest since 2015. Now, the plant will be supplemented by a solar park. With MKG Göbel, ZEAG and Bürgerenergiegenossenschaft Widdern have found a competent partner right in their region.

Solar park Lauperath (D)

Solar park Lauperath

The Lauperath field installation consists of two sections and is built in slope parallel construction.

Solar park Bavelse Berg (NL)

Solar park Bavelse Berg

On a former landfill site east of Breda (NL), a large solar park is being built which will supply electricity for approx. 13,000 households after completion in spring 2021.

Solar park Schornhof (D)

120 MWp solar park Schornhof

Schornhof is the largest solar park in southern Germany – with an output of approx. 120 MWp, the plant supplies “green electricity” for approx. 30,000 households.

Solar park Lelystad I + II (NL)

Solar park Lelystad I + II

After installing solar park project “Lelystad I” with approx. 28 MWp in 2019 we are near to completion of “Lelystad II” with a power of approx. 12.7 MWp for our customer Goldbeck Solar GmbH.

GMS® DOUBLE plant at Büren

New approaches with GMS® DOUBLE

Innovative and with vision, entrepreneurs from Büren have invested in two greenhouses with dual use. The roofs of the constructions are covered with translucent solar modules, which protect the plants from the hail and from drying out – and at the same time produce green electricity.

Roof-top systems, Plauen (D)

Roof-top systems in Plauen (D)

In March 2019, we implemented a whole series of photovoltaic roof systems in Plauen, in the beautiful Free State of Saxony.

Solar park Eemshaven (NL)

Eemshaven: gas and solar energy

In September 2018, we already completed an outdoor plant in the north-east of the Netherlands. As the plant is located on the site of a gas-fired power station, high health and safety requirements had to be observed.

Solar park Lelystad (NL)

Lelystad: fully packed with GMS® MAX

During August this year, we completed another large solar park in Lelystad, not far from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This plant is oriented from east to west and has an extremely close row spacing.

Safety certificates for MKG Göbel

In May and July 2019, our company successfully completed the certification processes for ISO 45001 and SCC, two important quality standards in the area of industrial safety and health protection.

Roof-top plant on Hamburg-Moorburg power station

Solar roof for coal store

Roof systems can pose very special challenges, too: In early 2019, MKG installed a PV-system for Vattenfall on the dome roof of the Hamburg-Moorburg cogeneration plant.

Solar park Zierikzee, NL

Two GMS® MAX solar parks in the Netherlands

In 2018 MKG Göbel has built two more large solar parks in the Netherlands. Both plants are installed in an east-west direction and have an extremely close row spacing – this is where the GMS® max mounting system from MKG Göbel can fully show its advantages.

Solar park Helbra during construction

New projects for 750 kW solar plants

Since the last reform of the german Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG), new solar plants have to take part at a public tendering in order to get power remuneration from the state. This applies to plants from 750 kWp upwards, and so we see more and more plants below this threshold. MKG Göbel also benefits from this trend: At the beginning of 2018 the company is building several 750 kWp plants in Helbra, Wanzleben, Biburg and other locations.

Solar park Veendam (NL)

Solar park Veendam (NL)

At the beginning of 2018, the MKG team put into operation a greenfield power plant in Veendam, located directly at the Wildervanck canal. The in-time finalisation of the project was by no means guaranteed: Water and mud created unfavourable conditions for both, men and machines.

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