Solar park Brunnen (D)


Solar parks on corrosive substrates

In some cases, solar parks are built in areas such as swamps or wet meadows, where the soil characteristics place special demands on the construction. Also with such conditions MKG GÖBEL has gained experience.

Challenges of swamps/wet meadows

In the Donaumoos area near Berg im Gau, MKG GÖBEL and its project partners have established the largest solar plant in Bavaria. This natural habitat has already been drained and used for agriculture for over 200 years; now, the areas of the solar park form a retreat for deer and partridges, for example. About this and the topic “water management” there was a report of the ARD Tagesthemen TV news.

From a technical point of view, the soil with its moisture and soft structure posed special requirements. Therefore, driven posts with a special coating were used for corrosion protection. Our team determined the optimum post length on the basis of various test pile driving operations.

GMS® MAX for use on peatlands

Our mounting system GMS® MAX can be used for a variety of applications. Also for solar parks in wetlands, GMS® MAX offers a number of benefits:

  • Foundation with elongated driven posts
  • Posts with special coating as corrosion protection
  • Coverage of the area from loose up to very tight, depending on the intention
  • Above-ground cable routing is possible
  • ASSEMBLY 2.0 procedure protects the turf
  • Erosion protection: erosion insensitive foundation, controlled water distribution

Example projects


Our sales team will be happy to advise you on your next solar park project and will prepare the most suitable solution for you:

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