GMS® MAX solar park


Scalable solutions for solar parks of any size

The soaring demand for sustainable energy has led to a boom in the construction of solar parks. The growth is in all directions: Ever more solar parks, ever denser land use – and above all, ever larger plants for maximum efficiency. MKG GÖBEL is very much at home on these large scales.

High-performance partner for megaparks

We at MKG GÖBEL started designing and building solar parks 20 years ago. Since then, we have been strangly involved in pushing the limits of the possible:

  • Through efficient planning of ever larger solar parks according to the latest standards,
  • Through our own mounting systems, that can be scaled as desired,
  • Through efficient project teams with international experience, which safely execute and reliably complete solar parks even in large dimensions.

We provide you with the service you need for your project.

GMS® MAX – for any size

With GMS® MAX, we have developed a mounting system that stands out for maximum efficiency. Its design benefits are already evident in smaller solar parks. Added to this is the innovative ASSEMBLY 2.0 process for particularly fast, space-saving and ground-saving assembly – making GMS® MAX the perfect platform for state-of-the-art megaparks.

Regardless of our services, we also offer GMS® MAX as a stand-alone product, ready for installation by your own teams.

Example projects


Our sales team will be happy to advise you on your next solar park project and will prepare the most suitable solution for you:

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