Landfill site Lochem (NL)

Landfill sites

Solar parks on delicate ground

Former landfills are usually closed and renaturalized. With appropriate engineering, such abandoned land can be used as the site for a solar park. Infrastructure such as roads, fencing and connection to the power grid is usually already in place.

Challenges of landfill sites

GMS® MAX foundation for landfills

Landfill sites can additionally be used with solar parks. The problem is the limited depth of the top layer – and the sensitive sealing membrane underneath, which needs to be protected under any circumstances.

Interviewed by “Erneuerbare Energien” magazine, Marco Göbel explains what is important to ensure that even sealed landfill surfaces can be successfully used in the long term:

GMS® MAX – the solution for landfill sites

The GMS® MAX mounting system is ideally suited for use on landfill premises and offers a whole range of advantages in this context:

  • Low foundation depth: standard embedment depth of 80 cm, in expeptional cases even less is possible
  • Slope parallel construction is possible, even with varying terrain inclinations
  • Side inclinations up to 15° can be realized
  • Above-ground cable routing is possible
  • ASSEMBLY 2.0 procedure protects the turf
  • Erosion protection: erosion insensitive foundation, controlled water distribution
  • Foundation can be made with split posts optionally to compensate ground settlements afterwards

Example projects


Our sales team will be happy to advise you on your next solar park project and will prepare the most suitable solution for you:

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