Allows double use of ground


Highest electricity yields

Due to complete area coverage


Agri PV system

Elevated construction, wide distance between rows

GMS® DOUBLE semi transparent roof

Light control

Through orientation, spacing, semi-transparent modules


Structural crop protection

Safeguards against heavy rain, hail, and intense sunlight

GMS® DOUBLE south orientation


With regard to construction, ground coverage, and land use

  • Maximum electricity yields due to complete ground coverage
  • Double use of the ground, e.g. as an Agri-PV plant
  • Structural crop protection: Safeguards against weather extremes

Innovative Agri PV system

The GMS® DOUBLE mounting system redefines the concept of space utilisation.
Due to its raised design without row spacing, it uses 100% of the ground and thus ­provides plant operators with highest area yields. ­Furthermore, the raised construction allows additional (e.g. agricultural) use of the ground beneath the modules. This makes GMS® DOUBLE an interesting Agri-PV solution.

For the use of the ground area, there is a great variety of approaches: Plantations of berries and fruit trees, animal farming, storage areas, car parks, built-over floodplains, etc. GMS® DOUBLE adapts to the desired use with customised post spacing and heights, with the desired amount of light transmission and individual module inclination. MKG GÖBEL will design the system to meet your project-specific requirements.

Example projects

The benefits at a glance

Maximum electricity yields

GMS® DOUBLE doesn’t need any spaces between rows or maintenance walkways. Instead, the entire surface area can be used. This makes it possible to achieve over 650 kWp/acre / 1.6 MW per hectare.

Profitable electricity yield curve

When aligned east-west, GMS® DOUBLE allows longer electricity production on summer days than south-facing systems. The daily yield curve is wider and flatter, the midday peak less pronounced.

Double use of the ground

Distances between poles of 3 to 5 metres (depen­ding on the modules), 2 to ­4 metres of clear head­room: There is a lot of space under the GMS® DOUBLE system, which can be used in many different ways.

Structural crop protection

For agricultural use (Agri-PV), the roof protects against weather extremes (heavy rain, hail, ­excessive sunlight). GMS® DOUBLE can thus ­replace foil tunnels or greenhouses. Even watertight ­roofing is possible.

Control of the light conditions

With an east-west orientation, the light moves ­across the ground during the course of the day. The quantity of transmitted sunlight can be regulated by module row spacing, and can be further increased with semi-transparent modules.

Economic benefit

Particularly where land prices are high, GMS® DOUBLE can deliver tangible benefits. By producing more electricity than other systems. And by providing space where needed below the PV modules.

Comparison of separate / double use of land
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