GMS® MAX solar park


Max flexibility – Max power

GMS® MAX substructure

Maximum standardisation

Just 4 main system components

GMS® MAX solar park

Maximum utilisation of ground area

Large module tables, narrow row spacing


Maximum set-up speed

With the patented ASSEMBLY 2.0 process

Solar park by MKG Göbel

Maximum value

Minimum construction costs per solar module

  • Maximum standardised components
  • Maximum utilisation of ground area
  • Maximum set-up speed with ASSEMBLY 2.0
  • Scalable up to megaparks of any size

In order to reduce system costs, planners are using larger constructions with 4 to 6 ­module rows horizontally or 2 to 4 rows vertically and tight row spacing. We have developed the GMS® MAX mounting system for these requirements. Horizontal and vertical carriers, fixed on two posts: no more is required to obtain a stable and cost-effective substructure. Our special heads together with various clamps guarantee the necessary flexibility for designing the project-specific GMS® MAX installation.

Due to our expertise gained by numerous projects, we have developed a revolutionary ­mounting process for the GMS® MAX system: with the patented ASSEMBLY 2.0 process, solar ­modules are mounted at one end of the row and then – step by step – pushed to their destination by using rolling supports. This system allows closer row spaces and reduces the logistical effort and the assembly time remarkably. As a sustainable side effect, soil and turf are protected even better, which minimizes erosion.

The benefits at a glance

Standardised components

Maximum standardised: 4 main components of the GMS® MAX system combine simplicity and flexi­bility, whichs enables a price-performance-ratio that could not be better.


The GMS® MAX system can be installed by using the revolutionary mounting process ASSEMBLY 2.0, which further increases the economic efficiency of the system: max installation speed, max utilization of ground area, max soil conservation – in short: max efficiency.


Whether regarding its system design, the innovative MONTAGE 2.0 process or its production capacities, GMS® MAX is ready for use in solar parks of any size. This makes GMS® MAX the perfect solution for ever larger megaparks.

Maximum use of space

Thanks to ASSEMBLY 2.0, the GMS® MAX system requires just minimal row spacing. Temporary losses from self shading are reduced due to flatter angles of inclination. GMS® MAX enables almost uninter­rupted use of space – a factor which is (in view of increasing property prices) growing in importance.

Safe height adjustment

The head of the GMS® MAX system is able to compen­sate height differences of the posts. ­Reliable gearing prevents the system from slipping. The component is very simple to handle which saves valuable assembly time on site.

Open cable installations

The lines are fixed by using clips or clamps and get bundled in our “cable channel light”. Supply lines from the ground are installed inside of the open posts to ensure they are well protected. This lightweight installation solution is highly cost-effective and enables the lines to be checked later without any effort.

Adaptation to the terrain

Our flexible adjustment rocker allows lateral ­inclination of the system in order to adapt it to the ground profile – simply and quickly on site and without any extra preparation work during production.

Suitable for any ground type

GMS® MAX ­supports solutions for any ground type. Installation on landfill sites is possible without any ­problems, thanks to foundation depths of 40–80 cm and consideration of ground settlements.

Durable corrosion protection

GMS® MAX uses high-quality materials: steel parts are batch galvanised, long beams and module ­carriers are made of aluminium, for screw connections only stainless steel is used.

Secure statics

Project-specific calculation according to the ­respective norms, ensures static safety.

Rapid commissioning

Quickest delivery times, low weight, the use of just 4 main components, fast assembly, especially combined with ASSEMBLY 2.0: we have optimised GMS® MAX to achieve the shortest ­possible project durations.

Best value

By focusing on only 4 main components we can offer attractive unit costs.

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