Aichach (D)

10 MWp / 33,770 modules

Öhringen (D)

750 kWp / 2,574 modules

Brunnen (D)

10.1 MWp / 32,787 modules

Lelystad (NL)

28 MWp / 75,252 modules


Solar park Lelystad I + II - After installing solar park project "Lelystad I" with approx. 28 MWp in 2019 we are near to completion of "Lelystad II" with a power of approx. 12.7 MWp for our customer Goldbeck Solar GmbH.
New approaches with GMS® DOUBLE - Innovative and with vision, entrepreneurs from Büren have invested in two greenhouses with dual use. The roofs of the constructions are covered with translucent solar modules, which protect the plants from the hail and from drying out – and at the same time produce green electricity.
Construction start for 110 MWp solar park - One of Germany's largest solar plants is currently under construction: the Schornhof solar park located near Berg im Gau, southwest of Ingolstadt.
Invitation to SolarSolutions (NL) - The fair has been postponed once more. However, our invitation is still valid: Visit us at the international SolarSolutions trade fair and get your free tickets!
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