Zierikzee (NL)

14.4 MWp / 42,660 modules

Andijk (NL)

15.1 MWp / 44,760 modules

Veendam (NL)

15.5 MWp / 57,288 modules

Saidabad (IRN)

1.3 MWp / 4,104 modules


Lelystad: fully packed with GMS® max 2.0 - During August this year, we completed another large solar park in Lelystad, not far from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This plant is oriented from east to west and has an extremely close row spacing.
Safety certificates for MKG Göbel - In May and July 2019, our company successfully completed the certification processes for ISO 45001 and SCC, two important quality standards in the area of industrial safety and health protection.
Solar roof for coal store - Roof systems can pose very special challenges, too: In early 2019, MKG installed a PV-system for Vattenfall on the dome roof of the Hamburg-Moorburg cogeneration plant.
Two GMS® max solar parks in the Netherlands - In 2018 MKG Göbel has built two more large solar parks in the Netherlands. Both plants are installed in an east-west direction and have an extremely close row spacing – this is where the GMS® max mounting system from MKG Göbel can fully show its advantages.