Zierikzee (NL)

14.4 MWp / 42,660 modules

Andijk (NL)

15.1 MWp / 44,760 modules

Veendam (NL)

15.5 MWp / 57,288 modules

Saidabad (IRN)

1.3 MWp / 4,104 modules


Invitation to SolarSolutions (NL) - Visit us from 17 to 19 March 2020 at the international SolarSolutions trade fair and get your free tickets!
Roof-top systems in Plauen (D) - In March 2019, we implemented a whole series of photovoltaic roof systems in Plauen, in the beautiful Free State of Saxony.
Eemshaven: energy from gas and the sun - Already in September 2018, we completed an outdoor plant in the north-east of the Netherlands. As the plant is located on the site of a gas-fired power station, it was necessary to observe high health and safety requirements.
Lochem: From landfill to solar park - The sealing system of the former landfill in Lochem had to be protected from any damage – we found the ideal solution.