Photovoltaics - active climate protection

Hands-on climate protection. Since 2004.

Clean solar power

With our ground-mounted PV systems, we are making an important contribution to energy supply, as well as to reducing CO2 emissions. And that’s been going on for many years now:



projects realised

More than


MWp total power

Electricity for


households approx.

The key to sustainable energy

For almost two decades we have been implementing PV systems. During this period, photovoltaics as a sustainable form of energy production has not only proven itself, but has also tremendously gained in importance:

  • Use of the clean and inexhaustible energy of the sun
  • A high level of public acceptance, much better than e.g. wind parks
  • Fully developed and economically competitive technology
  • Scalable, from the rooftop to mega power plants
  • Low maintenance, even suitable for developing countries

Other environmental aspects:

  • Solar parks are habitats for insects, birds and other animals
  • Dual land use, e.g. on landfills and in agriculture
  • Long lifetime: today’s plants are far from over after twenty years
  • Recyclable: Glass, electronic components and the metal substructure can be reused

Technologies for the future

MKG Göbel actively participates in the development of photovoltaics. We are designing and building according to the latest state of the art. By using innovative technologies (e.g. agri PV, bifacial modules), providing mounting solutions for a wide variety of soils (from desert sand to wet marshland below sea level), and by constantly developing our own mounting systems, we play our part in pushing the boundaries of what is technically feasible.

In this way, we are proud to make our contribution to a better, cleaner world.

Example projects

Solar park Bavelse Berg (NL)

Solar park Bavelse Berg (Netherlands)

Dense construction on landfill site, electricity for 13,000 households
System GMS® MAX by MKG Göbel

The GMS® DOUBLE installation in Oedheim protects raspberry bushes from heavy rain, hail and too much sunlight

Agri PV plant Heuchlingen (Germany)

Dual use: power generation above, berry plantation below
System GMS® DOUBLE by MKG Göbel

Solar park Corn Island, Nicaragua

Solar park Corn Island (Nicaragua)

Largest hybrid plant in Latin America
System GMS® MAX by MKG Göbel

Solar park Beidweiler, Luxembourg

RTL solar park Beidweiler (Luxembourg)

Triple use: broadcasting facilities, solar park, sheep pastures
System GMS® FLEX by MKG Göbel

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