GMS max solar park


Optimised for 4–6 horizontal modules


The versatile mounting system for your solar park



Elevated height allows double use of ground

Mounting systems by MKG Göbel

With our diverse mounting systems, we provide the perfect solution for every solar park: GMS® MAX for max flexibility and max power; GMS® FLEX, the versatile allrounder; and the innovative GMS® DOUBLE with almost 100% ground utilisation, providing maximum energy on any given ground. This range of systems helps to optimise your next project. Furthermore, it means long-term planning security for your future projects.

Your benefits as the operator

Cost benefits

  • Simple, efficient basic systems
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy components
  • Different materials possible
  • Low-cost mass production
  • Direct from the manufacturer

Efficient assembly

  • Optimized for extremely fast assembly
  • Tolerance-insensitive

Operational benefits

  • Intelligent cable ducts, protected in posts, open cable trays for easy control of the wiring
  • High corrosion resistance due to high quality materials

Comprehensive service

  • Project planning and tendering
  • Structural analysis calculation according to DIN 1055, DIN 18800, DIN 4113, Eurocode DIN EN 1991
  • Delivery to the construction site
  • Soil analysis
  • Foundation work
  • Assembly by our installation teams
  • Maintenance
  • Follow-up orders, spare parts

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