GMS ground mounting systems by MKG GÖBEL


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Innovative assembly process

For the GMS® MAX mounting system, MKG Göbel has developed the innovative ASSEMBLY 2.0 process. With this installation method, solar panels are placed at one end of the row, they are pushed forward on rollers “as a whole table”, then the next panels are placed, and so on.

This procedure is faster than conventional assembly, which requires all panels to be transported into place. In addition, the spaces between the rows can be made narrower, which optimises the utilisation of the ground area. And: The turf is preserved during the installation works.

GMS® MAX ASSEMBLY 2.0 procedure


  • Scalability: Important factor in the construction of megaparks
  • Optimal use of the ground area: distances of just 15 cm (ridge) and 50 cm (row spacing) are possible
  • Less logistical effort, thus less fuel consumption, less CO2 emissions
  • Maximum soil conservation (important e.g. for landfills, nature, etc.)
  • Shortest project times due to maximum mounting speed
  • Enhanced economic efficiency
  • More reliable planning (weather conditions)
  • Improved safety for workers

The ideal conditions for ASSEMBLY 2.0

  • Steady terrain: flat or on a slope
  • Perfect for east-west exposure
  • Project size from approx. 5 MW
  • Requirements regarding soil/subsoil (e.g. landfills)
  • Nature conservation requirements
  • Special soil conditions (wet, muddy)

ASSEMBLY 2.0 live action

The ASSEMBLY 2.0 process was used e.g. in the Bavelse Berg project

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