GMS® DOUBLE project Heuchlingen (D)

Agri PV

Solar and agriculture in a double

The term “Agri PV” has been established in recent years. It refers to the combination of photovoltaics with agricultural land use – a field with great potential, where many players are intensively researching and developing practical solutions. MKG GÖBEL already has its own system GMS® DOUBLE, which is in use in several pilot projects.

Potential of Agri PV

As the graphic shows, double use of an area can significantly increase yields – a meaningful option, especially against the backdrop of rising land costs. In practical terms, the design question is paramount: How should a solar roof look like in order to provide the best possible conditions for plants and their cultivation? On the one hand, solar modules must not reduce the penetration of light too much. For another, the solar roof also offers the plants advantages such as protection from extreme weather and a more even climate.

Comparison of separate / double use of land

Successful pilot projects

MKG GÖBEL took up the challenge of Agri-PV at an early stage and developed the GMS® DOUBLE mounting system. The first installation on a berry farm in Büren already received great attention and recognition.

In 2023, another plant went into operation at Heuchlingen near Heilbronn. There, the Staatliche Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt für Wein- und Obstbau (LVWO), accompanied by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems and Kehl University of Applied Sciences, will scientifically test and research the cultivation of several fruit varieties.

GMS® DOUBLE as Agri PV system

  • Double use of the ground, e.g. as an Agri PV plant
  • Structural crop protection: Safeguards against weather extremes, can replace foil tunnels or greenhouses
  • Open or closed roofs, even watertight ­roofing is possible
  • Use of rainwater for irrigation possible
  • Project-specific lighting conditions e.g. through semi-transparent modules
  • Post height and row spacing depending on desired agricultural use

Example projects


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