New approaches with GMS® DOUBLE

Innovative and with vision, entrepreneurs from Büren have invested in two greenhouses with dual use. The roofs of the constructions are covered with translucent solar modules, which protect the plants from the hail and from drying out – and at the same time produce green electricity.

GMS® DOUBLE plant at Büren

During the evaluation phase, the business owners opted for MKG Göbel’s innovative GMS® DOUBLE mounting system. Due to its high construction height it offers (unlike common solar parks) the possibility to cultivate the area underneath the modules, even with large machines. The system is also perfectly suited for keeping animals, as storage space or as a vehicle park. In Büren, various types of berries and morello cherries are planted; therefore, distances between the rows of modules have been deliberately planned in order to drain off rainwater in a controlled manner.

In view of the constantly rising land prices, the economic advantages of dual use are obvious. Moreover, on summer days the east/west oriented modules produce electricity longer than south-facing systems; the daily yield curve is wider and flatter, the midday peak less pronounced.

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