The GMS® double mounting system redefines the concept of space utilisation: GMS® double uses the available surface area almost completely and therefore provides plant operators with highest area yields. ­Furthermore, the raised construction allows additional use of the ground beneath the modules.

GMS® double system

The benefits at a glance

/ Maximum electricity yields

GMS® double does not need any spaces between rows or maintenance walkways. Instead, the entire surface area can be used. This makes it possible to achieve over 650 kWp/acre / 1.6 MW per hectare.

/ Profitable electricity yield curve

GMS® double is usually positioned in east-west orientation and therefore produces electricity for longer on summer days than systems constructed to face south. The daily yield curve is wider and flatter, and the mid-day peak is less pronounced.

/ Double use of the ground

Distances between poles of 3 to 5 metres (depending on the modules), 2 to ­metres of clear headroom: There is a lot of space under the GMS® double system, which can be used e.g. for animals or plants, as a storage area or as a parking lot. The east-west orientation and the ridge spacing ensure that the sunlight hits the ground throughout the day.

/ Economic benefit

In particular where land prices are high, GMS® double can deliver tangible benefits. By producing more electricity than other systems. And by providing space where needed below the PV modules.