Solar park Affler II (D)

Slope installations

Solutions for uphill terrain profiles and soil conditions

With their intense sunlight, hillside locations offer good conditions for photovoltaic power plants, but the steep ground poses a special challenge to the plant constructors. Therefore, trust into MKG GÖBEL‘s know-how and expertise.

Challenges of hillsides

On flat terrain, it is not a problem to align solar parks in the best possible way. On mountain slopes, besides the orientation of the light, the slope of the ground must also be taken into account, both in calculating the angle of light incidence (up to self-shading) and with regard to the slope flexibility of the mounting system. Additionally, there are often difficult ground conditions: stony or rocky subsoils require suitable foundation; in the case of loose, boulder-like ground, it must reach deep enough to provide secure support.

We build solar parks on mountain slopes

In 2015, MKG GÖBEL built an aesthetically appealing solar park on a former golf course in Hamada, Japan that gained attention throughout the country. Since then, a number of hillside projects have followed, also with our current mounting system GMS® MAX. As a result, we can offer special know-how and equipment for working on mountain slopes:

  • Geological soil survey and 3D modelling, also for difficult terrains
  • Planning: your plant designed for optimal luminous efficiency
  • Versatile mounting systems, easy to adapt to the ground profile
  • Installation with suitable machines, e.g. slope pile drivers
  • Worldwide project experience

Example projects


Our sales team will be happy to advise you on your next solar park project and will prepare the most suitable solution for you:

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