Slope parallel installations

Solar park Herzogenrath (D)

In late 2016, MKG erected a solar plant in the discontinued extraction site of a quarry company. Due to the strong inclination up to 20° we used a slope parallel construction design. Special difficulties were raised by the loose ground (sand compacted with larger rocks, which hampered the ramming of the posts) as well as by the dense building development, which made transporting the components to the spot to a logistic challenge.

With their intense sunlight, hillside locations offer good conditions for photovoltaic power plants, but the steep ground poses a special challenge to the plant constructors. Therefore, trust into MKG‘s know-how and expertise:

  • Geological soil survey and 3D modelling, also for difficult terrains
  • Your plant designed for optimal luminous efficiency
  • Versatile mounting systems, easy to adapt to the ground profile
  • Worldwide project experience
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