Sponsoring SV Sandhausen

Official launch of the Energy Tower

The MKG GÖBEL team is extremely successful, but in a field that is almost unnoticed by the public. Participating in the Energy Tower advertisement at second division soccer club SV Sandhausen now provides additional visibility.

Named the “Energy Tower”, VIP boxes at the home stadium of the long-standing club from Sandhausen (south of Heidelberg) will now be emblazoned by four companies from the energy sector. In mid-February 2023, representatives of all partners jointly launched the new design: Besides MKG GÖBEL, the companies involved are Gölz Paletten, Schnepf RE.Solutions and Schoenergie GmbH. All companies are committed to sustainable technologies in their respective environment – and now also in Sandhausen. The club can benefit from his partners’ expertise and integrate it into its own sustainable development.

MKG GÖBEL is excited about the new partnership. We wish SV Sandhausen persistent enthusiasm and many successes!

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