Solar park Veendam (NL)

At the beginning of 2018, the MKG team put into operation a greenfield power plant in Veendam, Netherlands, located directly at the Wildervanck canal. The in-time finalisation of the project was by no means guaranteed: Unlike with the dessert project in Iran, water and mud created unfavourable conditions for both, men and machines – well illustrated by the pictures below. But with long-time experience, know-how and tireless commitment of our staff, we were able to bring another project to a lucky end.

Solar park Veendam (NL)

Project data

  • Power output of the plant: approx. 15.5 MWp
  • 57,288 modules
  • Mounting system: GMS® MAX II-6H
  • Construction time: approx. 5 months (Sept 2017 – Jan 2018)

Delivery and services

  • Test impact pile driving incl. soil survey and soil analysis
  • Project specific statics
  • On-site delivery of the GMS® MAX II-6H mounting system
  • Mounting of subsystem and modules
  • Electrical installation und commissioning, incl. sensor system and remote monitoring
  • Foundation works, cable trenches, drainage works
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