New projects for 750 kW solar plants

Since the last reform of the german Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG), new solar plants have to take part at a public tendering in order to get power remuneration from the state. This applies to plants from 750 kWp upwards, and so we see more and more plants below this threshold. MKG Göbel also benefits from this trend: At the beginning of 2018 the company is building several 750 kWp plants in Helbra, Wanzleben, Biburg and other locations; even more projects are in their bidding respectively planning phase.

Solar park Helbra during construction

“We’re enjoying a good order income in the field of 750 kWp plants”, Marco Göbel judges the situation. “The market of PV power plants relies very much on the legal environment and public incentives. Fortunately, our company’s size and our wide scope of services allow us to adapt very well to changing market conditions. We’re able to offer convincing concepts to our clients – that goes for 750 kWp plants, too.”

Many enquirers of PV plants are satisfied with the MKG group’s service portfolio, ranging from ground measurement (based on 3D drone images), plant design, earth works, mounting and fences through DC-side completion – and even turnkey finalization, if desired. Own mounting systems, self developed and proven products, emphasise the MKG group’s competence, and contribute to the favourable cost structure of it’s projects. Experienced engineers, a big team of 100 mounting workers and a wide array of machinery enable the MKG team to implement projects dependably and in short time. All this makes MKG the perfect partner for developers and owners of 750 kW power plants.

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