Solar park Saidabad, Iran

Surrounded by a spectacular scenery, MKG recently implemented a solar park project at Saidabad, Iran. In this country we had to face special demands concerning planning, export permits and conditions of the ground. Thanks to solid preparation, the MKG team mastered all the challenges implied by economic sanctions, and was able to finalize the project in-time.

Project data

  • Power output of the plant: approx. 1.3 MWp
  • Mounting system: GMS® FLEX II-2H
  • 4,104 modules
  • Construction time: approx. 4 weeks (11/2017)

Delivery and services

  • Soil analysis
  • Project specific statics
  • On-site delivery of the GMS® FLEX mounting system
  • Mounting of subsystem and modules
  • Electrical installation
  • Foundation works
  • On-site delivery and mounting of fences and gates