Work starts in the Hardthausen forest

Groundbreaking in the Hardthausen forest

Heilbronn-based ZEAG has been operating Baden-Württemberg’s largest and most powerful wind farm in the Hardthausen forest since 2015. Now, the plant will be supplemented by a solar park. With MKG Göbel, ZEAG and Bürgerenergiegenossenschaft Widdern have found a competent partner right in their region.

The Hardthausen Forest plant will be the largest intercommunal renewable energy park in Baden-Württemberg, with a total capacity of approximately 64 MW (54.9 MW from wind power, 9 MWp from solar power). This output is sufficient to completely cover the power needs of the neighboring communes of Hardthausen, Jagsthausen, Möckmühl, Neuenstadt and Widdern, which are participating in the project through citizen energy cooperatives. Furthermore, the energy generated can be converted into green hydrogen at the nearby site of Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR – German Aerospace Center); the plant for this is already in operation.

Following the groundbreaking on July 22, 2021, MKG Göbel will construct the plant with 20,500 PV modules during the next months. The solar park will go into operation by the end of the year. Further extensions are already being planned for the future.

Groundbreaking in the Hardthausen forest
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