Feuerverzinken Innovation and Sustainability Award goes to MKG GÖBEL

Martin Kopf, Chairman of the Hot-Dip Galvanizing Industry Association, handing over the 2022 Innovation and Sustainability Award to Achim Essl, MKG GÖBEL

MKG GÖBEL’s GMS® DOUBLE Agri PV mounting system is receiving unbroken attention: After the pilot project in Büren was awarded the “German Solar Prize” a year ago, the mounting system itself is now receiving the “Hot-dip Galvanizing Innovation and Sustainability Award 2022”.

The jury, formed by the board of the german Hot-Dip Galvanizing Industry Association, awarded the prize to MKG GÖBEL Solutions for the Agri- PV system GMS® DOUBLE. In its award rationale, the jury referred to the important contribution that dual use of agricultural ground (Agri PV) will make to a massive expansion of solar power production and thus to the entire energy transformation. Additionally, Agri-PV can minimize the negative effects of climate change by benefiting the agricultural soil areas under the solar modules through protection from strong solar radiation, heat, drought and hail, the jury said.

In this context, the substructure is of central importance. GMS® DOUBLE masters the tasks in an exemplary manner, as the jury acknowledged: “With the Agri PV mounting system GMS® DOUBLE, MKG GÖBEL has developed a flexible and variable construction system that can be used flexibly in terms of height and also in terms of post spacing, depending on requirements, and can be erected easily. The system also allows problem-free dismantling and reuse and is thus circular. With the use of hot-dip galvanised steel, which is used in a variety of ways in the agricultural and solar industries, a proven, durable and sustainable corrosion protection is used, which ensures that maintenance can be dispensed with over the entire service life of the PV system. With its GMS® DOUBLE mounting system, which is well thought out down to the last detail, MKG GÖBEL Solutions creates the technical prerequisite for easy development of agricultural land for solar production and makes a valuable contribution to the energy turnaround. A most worthy award winner.”

The Hot-Dip Galvanising Industry Association has been awarding the “Feuerverzinken Innovation Prize” for innovative solutions created with hot-dip galvanised steel since 2003. In order to strengthen the aspect of sustainability, the award has been renamed “Feuerverzinken Innovation and Sustainability Award” in 2022.

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