Corn Island: Largest hybrid plant in Latin America

Solar park Corn Island, Nicaragua

In July 2019, the largest hybrid microgrid in Latin America was officially inaugurated on Corn Island, 70 km off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. The “Caribbean Pride Solar Energy Plant” of Spain’s Solartia is a combined solar and storage facility, consisting of 2.1 MW photovoltaic system, 2.2 MWh lithium-ion battery energy storage system, and two 900 kW diesel backup generators for eventual PV supply outages. MKG Nicaragua provided the substructure for the solar plant and did the pile driving.

The project is part of Nicaragua’s National Programme for Sustainable Electrification and Renewable Energy (PNESER). Since the start of operation of the plant, the 8,000 inhabitants of the 12.9 sqm island can now enjoy a stable and clean energy supply – for the first time in the island’s history.

Project data

  • Power output: approx. 2.2 MWp
  • 6,372 modules
  • Mounting system: GMS® MAX II-6H
  • Construction time: approx. 8 weeks (April – May 2019)

Delivery and services

  • On-site delivery of GMS® MAX substructure
  • Post ramming

Included in the video are details of the GMS® MAX substructure supplied by MKG Nicaragua

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