Solar roof for coal store

Roof systems can pose very special challenges, too: In early 2019, MKG installed a PV-system for Vattenfall on the dome roof of the Hamburg-Moorburg cogeneration plant. Challenges related on the one hand to the roof shape with angles of up to 47 percent as well as the elevation of the roof. In addition, the roof surface consists of a plastic film over a wooden construction, with insulation material in between. For this particular situation, the engineers from MKG and Vattenfall developed a total of 1,026 special support columns, which were individually guided through the roof cladding, fastened in the wooden construction and welded watertight with a sleeve.

With the new plant, the coal storage tower has gained a double function in the field of energy generation. Another plant on a second tower is already in the planning stage.

Project data

  • Power output: 750 kWp
  • approx. 2,500 modules
  • Time of construction: end of 2018 to early 2019
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