Opening signal for Laga2016

During the next few months, the city of Öhringen will be expecting many thousands of visitors to the Landesgartenschau (State Garden Show) to be held there under the motto ”The Limes is blossoming”. MKG also took part in the preparations, so that the opening of the “Laga” could start as scheduled on 22 April.

The climbing tower was made possible by many donations from Öhringen

The State Garten Show is a large-scale event that involves the strong commitment of residents and companies of the city of Öhringen and the surrounding region. Moreover, Montagebau Karl Göbel e.K. has also taken part in the event as one of Öhringen’s companies – so it is not surprising that our company’s headquarters are adjacent to Laga’s trade fair grounds. Since the end of 2014, members of our fence team at MKG have assembled a large quantity of fence segments along Haller Street, at the Hofgarten and for the backstage area.

Therefore we were able to save at the last minute the opening of one of the main attractions: The high climbing tower with the rope-course, plus the toddlers course near the ground and the “Flying Fox”, on which the very brave can “fly” with an adrenaline rush above the Ohrn River towards the open-air pool, which is one of the highlights at the Garden Show. After another company had quit, MKG staff erected in just four hard days of work 150 meters of fence around the playground, including four gates for safe operation. The climbing tower is now fully operational and a major attraction. It should be operated by the State Garden Show for the next 20 years.

Another highlight of the Garden Show is a replica of the Limes Gate. The Roman border defence went through today’s Laga grounds. Therefore the idea of a large gate was obvious. Eleven Öhringer construction companies, including Montagebau Karl Göbel, constructed the gate.

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