The demands made of open-land photovoltaic systems have changed. The falling price of solar modules means that land, assembly and work expenditure now make up a larger share of the overall system costs. This results in ever denser construction; the horizontal alignment of modules is preferred in order to reduce loss from the system‘s own shadow. Larger constructions with 4 to 6 module rows reduce the frame costs per module.

We have developed the GMS® max mounting system for this cost-sensitive market ­sector. Horizontal and vertical supports, fixed on two rows of posts: More is not required to obtain a stable, cost-effective substructure. Our special carrier heads together with various clamps guarantee the necessary flexibility for designing the project-specific GMS® max system and assembling it rapidly on site.

The benefits at a glance

/   Standardised components

Maximum reduction: GMS® max is focused on configurations with 4–6 rows of horizontally aligned modules as our commonplace today in solar parks. The 4 main components of the GMS® max system have been developed with this particular ­appli­cation in mind, resulting in a solution which offers ­unbeatable value for money.

/   Maximum use of space

The GMS® max system requires just minimal row spacing. Temporary losses from the system‘s own shadow are reduced thanks to horizontal ­module alignment and flatter angles of inclination. As such, GMS® max enables the almost uninter­rupted use of space – a factor which, given the rising price of land, is growing in importance.

/   Safe height adjustment

The carrier head of the GMS® max system adapts to the specific angle of inclination and compen­sates for height differences between the posts. Reliable interlocking prevents the system from slipping. The overall system is very simple to operate which saves valuable assembly time on site.

/   Open cable installations

The lines are fixed in place using clips and bundled using wire bows. Supply lines from the ground are installed inside the open posts to ensure they are well protected. This lightweight installation solution is highly cost-effective and enables the lines to be checked later on without any expense.

/   Adaptation to the terrain

The flexible clamping elements enable the system to be inclined to the side and thus adapted to the profile of the ground – simply and quickly on site, without any preparatory work during production.

/   Suitable for any ground type

Rammed or concrete foundations: GMS® max ­supports solutions for any soil type.

/   Durable corrosion protection

GMS® max uses high-quality materials: Steel parts are batch galvanised, module carriers are made of aluminium, for the screw connections only stainless steel is used.

/   Secure statics

Project-specific statics calculation in compliance with the applicable norms ensures unfailing safety under static load as well.

/   Rapid commissioning

Short delivery times, low weight, the use of just 4 main components, fast assembly with tolerance-insensitive construction: We have optimised all aspects of the GMS® max to achieve the shortest possible project times.

/   Inexpensive

High volume production enables us to keep item costs low.