The MKG team performs all the installation steps quickly, competently and reliably. Due to trained staff, you can be sure that your system is installed correctly and on time for the completion date.

Measuring the solar power plant

Our technicians transfer the construction plan onto the terrain, thus determining the exact position of panel rows, cable ducts, and so forth. The poles for further installation will then be erected according to those markings.

Plant installation

During the mechanical assembly process, the project-specific substructure on the pole foundations are mounted first and then the actual solar modules are attached on top of them. MKG’s large assembly team of well-trained permanent staff guarantees seamless operation, not only with our own mounting systems, but with the mounting and solar panel systems of all manufacturers as well.

Electrical installation

The electrical work is a separate assembly stage, for which our technicians are also very well equipped. They string the modules, route the cables in the ground, interconnect and test the entire wiring system up to the transformer station.

Construction and project management

For each project there is a responsible MKG-site construction manager. He supervises all on-site works, performs incoming goods inspections, and coordinates the operations with all the accountable persons and competent authorities, thus making sure that construction is executed on-schedule and according to plan.


For documentation purposes, we keep the construction plan and measurement protocols available for the equipment as well as the electrical system. On request, we will carry out a construction diary with a comprehensive written and photographic documentation of the construction process.