Landfill sites

Low foundation depth

GMS® MAX foundation for landfills

Landfill sites can additionally be used with solar parks. The problem is the limited depth of the top layer – and the sensitive sealing membrane underneath, which needs to be protected under any circumstances. With GMS® MAX, MKG Göbel provides the perfect mounting system and has already installed a whole number of solar parks on landfills.

GMS® MAX advantages

  • Low foundation depth: standard embedment depth of 80 cm, in expeptional cases even less is possible
  • Slope parallel construction is possible, even with varying terrain inclinations
  • Side inclinations up to 15° can be realized
  • Above-ground cable routing is possible
  • Assembly 2.0 procedure protects the turf
  • Erosion protection: erosion insensitive foundation, controlled water distribution
  • Foundation can be made with split posts optionally to compensate ground settlements afterwards
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