The MKG Team offers you comprehensive planning from a single source, starting from surveying and layout, to structural engineering calculations and electrical planning. Depending on the project, the individual planning stages can be carried out either by your own project partners or ours.


A current site plan is the prerequisite for every planning operation. If a site plan is not available, we will then measure the terrain, the property’s boundaries and the ground levelling – in the case of large properties also by drone.

Planning, 3D-Layout

Your solar park is planned by measuring the site, the intended total power output and further technical factors. A detailed construction plan is drafted which serves as the basis for cost planning and for the future construction.

For the specific case of hilly terrain, a three-dimensional landscape and power plant model is prepared. The Helios 3D software, assists us in distributing the modules shade-free throughout the terrain, with the aim of optimizing the solar park’s power output. What’s more: by means of the 3D-model we can provide you with convincing presentations and simulations of your future power plant.

Solar park planning with Helios 3D

Structural engineering calculations

In collaboration with external partners we can also provide the complete structural engineering calculations of the project. This ensures that the solar park is designed to withstand all weather situations. It represents a substantial portion of your building application.

Electrical planning

During the final step our planning team prepares the electrical construction plan in both the DC and AC range. Optimum wire routing, as well as the choice of suitable components are contributing factors for the economical and efficient operation of your power plant.

Electrical planning: schematic circuit diagram of a large solar power plant
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