Sophisticated and made for the future

Our engineers know the practical requirements due to numerous projects. On this basis, they have developed the GMS® FLEX system with smart detailed solutions that offer several advantages at the same time. Some examples:

  • Patented adjustment disk enables continuously variable height adjustment. It is designed so that at any angular position a load creates self-retention and slippage of the system is structurally impossible. Furthermore it is also extremely easy to use; this saves valuable installation time.
  • The system can be tilted sideways up to 15° and adapts to the soil profile with flexible clamping elements. This can be implemented locally – no preparatory work during production is needed.
  • The system’s integrated, open cable ducts: The cable harnesses can be easily insert during the installation of the PV system and can be visually check on any day without effort. Another benefit: in the open ducts vermin will not nest in there.

Moreover, we also supply sophisticated accessories for the GMS® FLEX system such as mounting rails for inverters. Thus, many work stages can be performed during installation with standard elements.

Intelligent solutions

Our mounting system includes inter-dependent components, which are used depending on the requirements, as well as different materials (steel, aluminum). This makes the GMS® FLEX system so flexible: Standard installations and special challenges can thus be simply as well as inexpensively implemented.

Intelligent detailed solutions, economic mass production and continuous development according to the needs of the market, make GMS® FLEX the system of your choice – now and in the future.

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