MKG is much more than just an assembly facility; we are your service partners even when your power plant has already begun operating:

Power plant maintenance

As stated in our maintenance contract, we keep your power plant in perfect condition. We inspect fences, solar panels and wires at regular intervals, keep the solar modules clean and we also take care of garden maintenance. Please sit back and relax – your power plant will do the work for you.


What’s more: An internet-supported monitoring system enables us to oversee the operation of each and every solar module. In case of erros we can react immediately, either remotely or on-site. This is how downtime can be totally prevented.

Performance data

The monitoring system can also be upgraded for business administrative purposes. We continually record the power output of each solar module and calculate the effective financial gain/earnings of the power plant taking the feed-in tariffs into consideration. You will receive this summarized in monthly reports – in cold print.