Each PV system is tailored to the respective requirements. This affects not only the intended roof area, but also your requirements in terms of performance, components needed to be used and last but not least the power plant usage. Should the generated electricity be consumed on-site or fed into the grid? Should it be marketed directly as conventional electricity?

We can give you comprehensive advice on how to approach these issues.

Power system planning: roof outline
Power system planning: configuration and arrangement of the solar modules

PV system design

Our planning team at MKG can develop a personalized power plant concept for you in a brand-independent and competent manner. Then customize it to your requirements. This entails the following:

  • Measuring data input and first allocation of system components
  • Module allocation planning, AC power inverter design, stringing and cable laying / routing.
  • Structural engineering calculations and ballasting
  • Calculation of performance and expected yield

Our project description enables you to evaluate cost vs. profit, and thus the efficiency of your PV power plant. Therefore you will be in a position to benchmark this concept with other bids.

Power plant planning: assembly plan
Power plant planning: ballast distribution

Electrical planning

During the final steps our planning team will then prepare the electrical construction plan for both DC and AC ranges. Optimum cable routing, as well as the choice of suitable components are contributing factors for the economical and efficient operation of your power plant.

The planning not only comprises power generation, but also power feed-in management. In collaboration with your power utility company we coordinate the feeding of electricity into the grid, and also handle the submission of all necessary applications and authorizations.