MKG is way more than just an installation company. We are your service partner even after your power plant has already begun operating:

Operational management

Supervision via an online monitoring system not only ensures the correct operation of your power plant, but also allows you additional opportunities for economic evaluation. We offer you

  • Integration of your PV-power plant into our control room
  • Real-time inspection of the plant’s data and execution of service assignments during breakdowns
  • Monthly and yearly prepared reports for the verification of consumption versus fed-in power
  • Direct online access, allowing you to instantly call up the current values of your power plant
Virtual master control station: power plant-cockpit
Virtual master control station: preview window with annual report for investors


Our technical staff will be at your disposal for service assignments. In case of an error we have a quick response time to get to the location, in order to fix the situation, replacing faulty components, if necessary.


Within the scope of a maintenance contract, we conduct yearly inspections of your power plant. Periodic cleaning of the modules ensures long-term efficient operations. Moreover, during the control measures of the power system, we also conduct a visual inspection of the roof’s condition. Keeping records of these results, including the measuring reports will lead to added safety.