The MKG Team carries out all assembly steps quickly, skilfully and in a reliable manner. You can be sure that our well-trained staff will install your PV system punctually and professionally, while meeting the completion deadline.

PV power plant installation

Our builders erect the supporting substructure on the prepared roof, which –depending on the roof type– will either be fastened to the roof or will simply rest on top without penetrating the roof. Additional ballasting can be used, if needed. The next step involves stringing and the installation of the provided solar modules.

Electrical equipment installation

  • Installation of the AC power inverters and the connection to the house’s electrical supply network
  • Installation and programming of the power feed-in management system as per requirements of the energy utility company
  • Ground and electrical potential compensation of the entire power plant

Startup and documentation

After the installation procedures and test operation have been completed, the power plant is ready for operation. Together with the respective energy utility company the commissioning of your power plant is completed and it is now ready for energy production. Access to the online monitoring system will allow you to follow the current performance data of your solar power plant.

Handover of all the pertaining project-related documentation concludes the installation process of the power plant.