Just as is in the case with the solar parks, MKG also provides a comprehensive range of services in the field of roof-top inspection. Our sound planning starts with a roof inspection – this is an on-site appointment, during which we check the technical conditions for the new solar power plant.

Roof measuring

In the absence of an up-to-date construction plan, our technicians will measure the intended surface area. In this instance, we use laser-measuring equipment, and the acquired data therefrom is directly transferred to the planning system. Depending on the project, we can also prepare high-resolution photographs using airborne drone cameras. This is how we get a detailed measurement of the roof with all interfering objects.

Capability test

Is the roof construction appropriate for solar panels? How close to each other can the modules be arranged? Will repairs eventually have to be carried out in advance? In order to determine this when inspecting the roof, we take some aspects into consideration, namely:

  • We analyse the roof construction in terms of type, insulation and the building materials used.
  • Through structural calculations based on the existing mounted elements on the roof, we determine the residual carrying capacity of the roof construction.
  • Careful visual examinations as well as inspections of the weld seams show us, whether the roof skin is watertight or not and if it displays any kind of damage.
  • For damage-free system installation we conduct a standardized determination of the friction coefficient, in order to assess whether or not the upcoming PV system should be further stabilized
  • Moreover, the carrying capacity of the roof will be verified by conducting endurance tests, if necessary.

Possibilities for electrical connections 

During the roof inspection we also check the available space with regards to the routing of the wires, so that we can assess at which location we should place the feeding point into the power grid. A network compatibility test together with the utility company completes the preparation process.