Flexible factors of GMS flex mounting system

Enormous Flexibility

GMS® FLEX (Ground Mounted System) is extremely adaptable. It is suitable for framed and unframed solar panels from all manufacturers, which can be horizontally or vertically arranged in several rows one above the other. For individual orientation the variable height adjustment (5 cm) ensures a tilt angle of 5° to 35° and lateral tilt to 15°. With 1 or 2 rows of posts (depending on the arrangement) and different foundation solutions (ramming posts, screw foundation, concrete foundation) GMS® FLEX is prepared for every soil type.

Practical and economical

  • Light and at the same time stable components
  • Flexible and insensitive to tolerances, yet precisely adjustable
  • Designed for very quick installation
  • Intelligent cable management in the posts and in open cable trays
  • High corrosion resistance due to high quality materials
  • Inexpensive due to high volume production

Proven worldwide

GMS® FLEX has been used in many countries. To meet the specific national requirements, the system will be adapted accordingly.