The GMS® diamond roof® mounting system redefines the concept of space utilisation: Its patented geometry arranges solar modules in a three-dimensional structure that resembles a diamond, suitable for infinite extension. GMS® diamond roof® uses the available surface area almost completely and therefore provides plant operators with higher yields per unit of surface area than any other system on the market.

This modular arrangement is made possible by a specially developed substructure that offers a whole range of additional benefits for practical applications.

The benefits at a glance

/   Maximum electricity yields

GMS® diamond roof® does not need any spaces between rows or maintenance walkways. Instead, the entire surface area can be used. This makes it possible to achieve over 650 kWp/acre / 1.6 MW per hectare.

/   Profitable electricity yield curve

Open-terrain systems with GMS® diamond roof® produce electricity for longer on summer days than systems constructed to face south. The daily yield curve is broader and flatter, and the mid-day peak is less pronounced.

/   Stand-alone or double usage

Distances between poles of 4 metres, up to 4 ­metres of clear headroom: There is a lot of space under the GMS® diamond roof®, which can be used e.g. for animals or plants, as a storage area or as a parking lot.

/   Favourably priced

The ingenious structural design of the GMS® diamond roof® system needs fewer posts per module surface than previous open-terrain ­systems. Innovative, lightweight cross-members are another benefit. All in all, this means: Less steel per kilowatt.

/   Economic benefit

In particular where land prices are high, GMS® diamond roof® can deliver tangible benefits. By producing more electricity than other systems. And by providing space where needed below the PV modules.

/   Simple plant planning

GMS® diamond roof® always comprises of identical, square-section units without any pre-defined orientation. No shading analyses, no calculation of spaces between rows – the annual yield always remains the same.

/   Perfect for heavy snow loads

GMS® diamond roof® is based on an entirely new principle (patent pending): Instead of straight ­profiles, GMS® diamond roof® has a curved “steel hammock” that supports the weight of the PV ­modules directly at the optimum clamping points. A system with enormous load-bearing capacity, but that does not require much material.

/   Safe at high wind speeds

Six different open-terrain variants of the GMS® diamond roof® were tested in the wind tunnel. Result: All six are much less sensitive to wind and/or storms than modern open-terrain systems. That reduces strain on the PV modules.

/   Superlative self-cleaning capability

The PV modules placed “on edge” enable dirty ­water to flow off the lower edge. That translates into reliable yields because no more dirty edges can occur, that otherwise frequently hamper production.

/   High value of the PV system

Minimum self-shading, maximum self-cleaning. Additional aerodynamic effects that also cool the PV modules. An ideal basis for high performance ratios. And therefore high sales revenues from your open-terrain system.


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