MKG engineering and assembly expertise

MKG 20years

The MKG Group designs and constructs photovoltaic systems, both for open field areas as well as on industrial roofs. Since 2004, MKG has installed power plants with a total capacity of over 1000 MWp worldwide. During this time we have developed far faster than the market, so we can always offer more technical possibilities and greater economic benefits to our customers. Today, our range of services includes:

  • Consultation on power plant design
  • Power plant planning: soil analysis, 3D layout, DC and AC-planning
  • Installation: post ramming, drilling and excavation, installation of substructure and solar modules, plus electrical
  • Development and distribution of our own mounting systems
  • Fencing: Fences and gates
  • Monitoring and maintenance during operation

All this makes MKG an outstanding partner for high-performance solar power plants – worldwide.

Company development

Karl Goebel founded the company 1999 in Öhringen, Germany. The focus at the beginning was on the installation of windows and glass facades. After the first rooftop PV power plant (2004) and the first solar park (2005), the company grew rapidly: By 2009, numerous solar parks had been built in Europe, by the ca. 150 employees.

From this extensive installation practice Karl Göbel and his team developed its own mounting system with a unique, patented adjustment disk. The first solar power park based on the GMS (Ground Mounting System) was installed 2010 in Boxberg (D). Shortly after this activity construction was extended to fences and earthworks (cable trenches). These fields of business have since continuously been expanded; thereby the technical development and practical applications have thus developed simultaneously.

MKG offices and projects

At the same time, the internationalization happened:

  • MK Bau Solar S.R.L., Timisoara, Romania (2013)
  • MKG Nicaragua S.A., Managua, Nicaragua (2017)

2015 MKG was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The training of our staff in the MKG academy supports the continuous improvement of the quality level.


In the MKG headquarters in Öhringen (Germany) a young and enthusiastic team develop our construction projects, further improve the GMS-mounting systems and facilitate the contact with our customers as the sales team. Our site managers have developed here their basis for work preparation. At the second site in Öhringen our warehouse is located with the machinery and workshops.

In total more than 100 employees belong to the MKG team, distributed over the various assembly teams and offices.