MKG’s fence technology goes far beyond classical fences. We can also build personalized gabion walls for your administration buildings, screening walls, wind protection screens, bicycle racks, gabion seats and seating elements for your green spaces. Be inspired by our examples!

Gabion-stone walls

Gabions are well known. They can be seen everywhere, even if their name does not sound familiar at all. Moreover, they are very much in vogue. They have multiple benefits: They provide aesthetic surroundings and they are practical and functional: 100% privacy protection, no maintenance and no raking of leaves is necessary. Gabions can be used as walls, bench seats or as decorative elements, and they can be designed in multiple ways by using various types of filling, e.g. illuminated glass blocks or alternatively they can be combined with other wall elements as well.

Fences with screening wall strips

A new trend are also screening walls made of grid mat fences with interwoven strips. These can be created at a low cost and offer a variety of design possibilities. If you change your mind over time, the strips may be integrated into your existing fence system and can easily be removed again as needed.