Fence projects 2018

Terrace fencing "Uni-Mid" system, Künzelsau

Künzelsau-Gaisbach (D)

Terrace fence

Stylish fencing: 25 m of “Uni-Mid” fence with U-shaped profile, plugged upon a wooden terrace

Fence projects 2017

Fencing adjusted to the terrain, Tiefenbronn

Tiefenbronn (D), Waidner


35 m heavy type double stick mats, adjusted to the terrain; large double gate with 6 m frame width

Wall with fence, Zweiflingen-Tiefensall

Zweiflingen-Tiefensall (D)


Double stick mats 8/6/8er in modern anthracite, posts with covering strips; mounted in core holes on a natural stone wall, with individual adjustments

Fence projects 2016

Inner and outer fence at Würth Elektronik, Niedernhall

Niedernhall (D), Würth Elektronik

Double fencing

268 m inner fence (height 2 m) and 350 m outer fence (height 1,60 m) made of double stick mats 8/6/8, galvanized and powder-coated with individual RAL-color; inner fence with intrusion detection system, both fences with amphibian protection system

Accomodation centre, Bad Friedrichshall

Bad Friedrichshall (D), accomodation centre


145 m double stick mats 6/5/6, galvanized

Fence at Limes park, Öhringen

Öhringen (D), residential complex


30 m double stick mats, anthracite, with matching gate

Designer sliding gate, Second IT, Schwäbisch Hall

Schwäbisch Hall (D), Second IT

Cantilever designer sliding gate

Project description

Fencing, Häsele Baustoffhandel, Schwäbisch Hall

Schwäbisch Hall (D), Häsele


310 m double stick mats, cantilever sliding gate (width 8.60 m) with dead man’s control, 2 swing gates

Fencing for jungle gym at state garden show 2016, Öhringen

Öhringen (D), garden show

Wooden post fences, metal mats fences

Project description

Gate and screening wall, Würth, Öhringen

Öhringen (D), Würth


115 m double stick mats with screening wall strips

2 cantilever sliding gates with slope adjustment

Fence projects 2015

Gas tank fencings, Schweikert, Heilbronn

Heilbronn (D), Schweikert

2 gas tank fencings

25 m double stick mats each, galvanized, height 2 m, MS gate

Gabion wall, Pfedelbach

Pfedelbach (D)

Screening wall

25 m gabion wall, with illuminated glass blocks

Hardthausen (D)

Property fencing

105 m double stick mats

Friedrichsruhe (D)

Property fencing

105 m double stick mats, 30 m double stick mats, Gabion wall, Design of the entrance area

Agricultural area, Bad Friedrichshall (D)

Bad Friedrichshall (D)

Fencing agricultural area

980 m wire mesh with undermining protection, driven posts

Fencing Bundeswehr airfileld Fritzlar (D)

Fritzlar (D), Airfield


1,840 m wire mesh fences

Fencing for sewage treatment plant, Geddelsbach (D)

Bretzfeld-Geddelsbach (D)

Sewage treatment plant

160 m double stick mats galvanized, 1 double-wing gate, 1 one-wing door

Further fence projects

Enclosure for retention area, Bad Rappenau (D)

Bad Rappenau (D)

Enclosure for retention area

290 m wire mesh fence, 3 gates

Fencing, Kircher transport company, Neu-Kupfer (D)

Neu-Kupfer (D), Kircher


165 m double stick mats galvanized, driven round tube posts, swing gate

Barrier system

Öhringen (D), Wolverine


23 m double stick mats with driven round tube posts, barrier system

Fencing solar park Bronkow (D)

Bronkow (D)

Solar park fencing

2,200 m 3D grid mats with 2 rows of climbing protection and driven posts

3 double-wing gates 2×4 m with serrated border