Whether high-grade, efficient, safe, aesthetic or representative… we have the matching fence for you. More than just the standard listed systems, we will gladly build individualized custom solutions for you. Be inspired by our examples!

Double stick mats

Double stick mats are very much in demand and excel due to their high stability and safety as well as their aesthetics. Their quality in workmanship makes them very durable and easy to clean. There is a broad range of sizes and colours, making them suitable for any application.

3D grid mats

3D grid mats are in essence single stick mats; they are however a more cost-effective variant. The increased stability and safety is largely due to the provided reinforcement beads. However, in terms of durability and the individual application possibilities, the double stick mat is unbeatable.

Wire mesh

Even today we still have the typical solution for affordable fences – easy to assemble, durable and low maintenance.

Security fences

All our fences feature various security solutions, from simple climb-over protection to entry controls at the gates, to electrical and security fences with detection systems directly linked to your alarm system.