Machine pool

Great work needs the right tool

MKG has an extensive pool of machinery. This includes the technically sophisticated pile drivers, all the necessary equipment for excavation works, even in special ground conditions, as well as mobile equipment for confined spaces between rows of posts. This machine park is an important prerequisite for us, because it enables us to effectively realize even large-scale and simultaneous projects.

Two maintenance technicians take care of the maintenance and repairing of the equipment and make sure they are ready for the next tasks. From Öhringen, Germany they are transported to the construction sites throughout Europe. Our mechanics are experienced in handling the equipment and are also continuously trained; this ensures optimum interaction on the construction sites.

Our pool of machinery

  • 16 pile drivers
  • 4 drilling units
  • 10 wheel loaders
  • 3 trucks
  • 25 tractors
  • 26 truck trailers
  • excavators
  • 2 dump trucks
  • 2 Unimogs

… and much more

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